Friday, March 2, 2012

5 Resolutions for Finding Love in 2012

Are you a single woman who’s spent years trying to find the perfect mate? Do you feel like your life is less than fulfilling because you don’t have anyone to ‘share’ it with? Have you sacrificed your femininity and self-confidence because you don’t have a ‘significant other’?

Sometimes a woman can spend so much time looking for who she wants that she has no time to be who she is. But an enlightened woman knows who she is – why she is at a certain place in her life – where she is gong and how to get there.

Here are five (5) Resolutions to lead you to the path of attracting a mate that thinks the world of you because you think the world of yourself:

RESOLVE to identify your gifts and purpose. Defining your purpose means knowing your passion, and identifying what you enjoy doing…then doing it! We must bring a strong sense of self & purpose into a relationship ... a sense of excitement about yourself and your life and the vision you have for both.

RESOLVE TO Acknowledge your Personal Power. Personal Power comes from within and depends upon you approving of YOU. When you know your power, you attract people into your life that bring more than they take, in terms of your emotional well being, your self-development and your personal growth.

RESOLVE that settling is NOT an option. Too many women do bargain-basement shopping. They operate in a ‘spirit of lack’; happy with whatever comes along as long as it doesn’t cost much.

Women Who Settle:
- Will accept whatever a man brings into her life, even if it’s not fulfilling.
- Does not acknowledge her own brilliance and sacrifices to ‘please her man’.
- Let’s her past dictate her actions of which the basis was fear of failure.

RESOLVE to Stay in the Driver’s Seat. If the woman who is reading this article gets only one thing from it, it should be this: You are the engineer and the conductor of your own train! That means YOU determine the direction, YOU do the driving and YOU decide who can and who cannot come on board. When you begin to take over the controls of ‘your train’, you determine the route you must take to reach your destination. Hopefully, you’ve learned from experience where the forks in the road are, where the hills and valleys are and where the detours are.

RESOLVE to Keep your Feminine Mystique. Women have been gifted with unique qualities found in women alone, like openness, softness, nurturing, feeling, intuition, poise, wisdom. These are spiritual attributes. In short, the power you have is internal. This is the feminine mystique. The word mystique suggests attitudes and feelings that are unseen or secret, something unexplained or unknown. The ‘mystique woman’ walks in the poise and polish that is unmatched by those that don’t know who they are. The dimension of your poise can project your needs, your personality, your goals and your destination. Your poise can inspire confidence in your abilities and your judgement and helps you create your best you.

If you’re looking for true and lasting love to find you this year, you can start by embracing the qualities that make you special and unique, and use them as an asset to attract who and what you want in your life. You will then empower yourself toward your Divine purpose and realize that You Are The One You’re Looking For.

Embrace your Uniqueness!