A Woman On Purpose – By Design
(A Self-Actualization – Self-Empowerment & Personal Development
Site for Adult Women of Color)

- She is the woman who exhibits the evidence that God is at work in her life.
- She is the woman who invests in herself and strives to reach the heights of her potential.
- She is the woman who develops a courageous outlook and approach to life.
- She is the woman who allows her life to show forth the public display of the power and purpose that dwells in her.

Life without purpose is an experiment! In other words, without enlightenment of purpose, life becomes an endless string of activities with little or no significance. Without purpose, life is a trial and error game that is ruled by outside influences and circumstances of the moment.

This Blog is created because I truly believe that the reason I am on this earth is to share my insight with others. As an Empowerment Coach, my charge is to inspire women to get in the game and rediscover the art and power of her authentic self, embrace her personal power, and create the life she wants. I believe that an enlightened woman knows whom she is – why she is at a certain place in her life – where she is going, and how she's going to get there. I hope you will be a regular visitor and participant of this Blog and discover how to set herself apart and become a different kind of woman.

            As a woman you are a miraculous and unique creation with something special to offer!  Know that where you are today is a result of your self-concept and what you have chosen to BE.

Fulfill your Uniqueness!