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You Are the One You're Looking For… encourages today's woman to
acknowledge your personal power and use it to create the life you want!

Chicago – November 2011: 65% of African American women are single. In fact, statistics show that African Americans are the most uncoupled demographic in the U.S. Many women of colour have spent years trying to ‘find’ the perfect mate, having the tendency to make their men extremely fascinating and powerful, instead of acknowledging her own personal power and finding the perfection in herself. In her new book, author, Elayne Marchbanks encourages women to embrace the qualities that make her special and unique and use them as an asset to attract partners who appreciate her uniqueness and reflect it. You Are the One You're Looking For… is based on the premise that if you don’t know who you are, you won’t get what you want!

YOU ARE THE ONE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR: Freedom from the Relationship
Drama to an Empowered New You!
CreateSpace Publishers.

The Author, Empowerment Coach, Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Stylist, Elayne Marchbanks, has made it her mission is to inspire women to ‘get in the game’ and rediscover the art and power at the core of her authentic self and embrace her personal power. Elayne believes that many women spend so much time looking for who they want, there’s no time to be who they are. Elayne states, “I wrote this book to inspire and compel today's woman of colour to empower herself and develop the savvy to attract a mate that’s right for her and who thinks the world of her because she thinks the world of herself.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elayne holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising which she parleyed into a successful consultancy in Chicago, with numerous private clients and as a professional fashion stylist and model scout for national advertising projects. She sharpened her skills in image-making as Operations and Production manager and Talent Co-ordinator for a major ad agency in Chicago – scouting, casing, hiring and negotiating contracts for models and talent. Her writing background includes more than a decade of experience in print journalism, writing numerous articles on fashion, image, personal branding and self-empowerment. Her current articles appear on She has also facilitated a six-week workshop, Poise, Polish, & Purpose for the Warrenville, Illinois Correctional Center for Girls. This program was designed to "coach" young women to discover their own personal purpose and become a woman who's poised, polished and pointed toward their destiny.

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