Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for Love in 2012? ... Find Yourself First!

Are you a single woman whose spent years trying to find the perfect mate? Do you feel like your life is less than fulfilling because you don’t have anyone to ‘share’ it with? Have you sacrificed your femininity and self-confidence because you don’t have a ‘significant other’?

Sometimes a woman can spend so much time looking for who she wants that she has no time to be who she is. But an enlightened woman knows who she is – why she is at a certain place in her life – where she is gong and how to get there.

Here are four (4) things to keep in mind as you seek to develop the savvy to attract a mate that thinks the world of you because you think the world of yourself:

 Identify your Purpose
 Acknowledge your Personal Power
 Resolve that Settling is NOT an option
 Develop and Trust your Inner Spirit

Identify your Purpose: You must bring a strong sense of self & purpose into a relationship ... a sense of excitement about yourself and your life and the vision you have for both.

Acknowledge your Personal Power: Personal Power comes from within and depends upon you approving of YOU. When you know your power, you attract people into your life that bring more than they take.

Settling is Not an Option: Women who settle:
- Will accept whatever a man brings into her life, even if it’s not fulfilling.
- Does not acknowledge her own brilliance and sacrifices to ‘please her man’.
- Let’s her past dictate her actions of which the basis was fear of failure.
- It does not serve anyone when you “lower the bar” on whom you allow in your life.

Develop and Trust your Inner Spirit: An enlightened woman knows that her secret weapon is her spirituality, and that everything she believes, thinks and does is guided and directed by her inner spirit. A woman who lives from the inside out emanates an extraordinary feeling of power; an assurance, creativity and a deep desire to be all you’re created to be.

Many of us women have a tendency to make men extremely fascinating and powerful. We go into a relationship looking for love, not realizing that we must bring love with us.
And the irony of it all is that you can’t have an authentic relationship if you relinquish whom you are, and begin looking at yourself in relation to having someone else to love you – even more than you love yourself.

If you’re looking for true and lasting love to find you this year, you can start by embracing the qualities that make you special and unique and use them as an asset to attract who and what you want in your life. You will then empower yourself toward your Divine purpose and realize that You Are The One You’re Looking For.

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